Housing Programs

Housing Programs

All residential complexes have laundry rooms and are smoke free. We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law (the Fair Housing Amendments of 1988). We do not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.

Cedar Hill Apartments
​Cedar Hill Apartments, a 14-unit complex, provides stable and affordable semi-independent housing for low-income individuals who suffer from chronic mental illness. The facility offers a bridge between grouphomes and independent living, allowing occupants to move toward self-care. The facility includes an on-site apartment for a resident manager. For information, call 417.347.7615.

Magnolia Heights Apartments
Magnolia Heights Apartments, a 23-unit complex, provides safe and affordable housing for independent low-income adults who suffer from chronic mental illness. Complex includes an on-site resident manager apartment. For information, call 417.347.7615.

Ozark Oaks Residential Care Facility
Ozark Oaks Residential Care Facility, a 16-bed adult residential care facility for adults with persistent or chronic mental illness, offers 24/7 direct care. For information, call 417.347.7600.

PATH (Pre-Adult Transitional Housing)
Long-term housing options for young adults age 17-22, who have a serious emotional disturbance determined through an assessment. Learn more.

Poplar Place Apartments
Poplar Place Apartments, a 14-unit apartment complex, provides housing for semi-independent adults who suffer from chronic mental illness. Residents must meet income guidelines. 24/7 on-site supervision and support provided. For information, call 417.347.7615.

Turnaround Ranch
Turnaround Ranch, a 72-bed residential treatment facility for adolescents ages 10–18, provides 24-hour care for youths experiencing emotional and behavioral problems. Learn more.