Autism Evaluation Process

Autism Evaluation Process

The Bill & Virginia Leffen Center for Autism Diagnostic Team provides evaluations and helps families with concerns about autism. The team, trained in collaboration with the University of Kansas Child Center for Health and Development, provides families with an evaluation for autism spectrum disorders, as well as guidance on available resources and community support.  

Our autism diagnostic team

  • Pediatrician, board-certified with advanced training in the diagnosis of developmental disorders
  • Psychologist, licensed clinical professional with experience in diagnostic evaluations
  • Behavioral analyst, board-certified with specialized training in autism spectrum disorders
  • Parent educator, pediatric nurse experienced in advocating for children with special needs
  • Speech language pathologists, board-certified with expertise in communication disorders

How it works

  1. The Autism Diagnostic Team evaluates the child using standardized tests, behavioral observation and information from parents, teachers and others who know the child personally.
  2. The team reviews the results of the evaluation to determine whether the child meets the criteria for an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis.
  3. The family and team meet together to review the findings and discuss the diagnosis. The team provides the family with recommendations to address the child's specific areas of need, regardless of whether the child receives an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis.
  4. Our parent educator provides the family with resources, recommendations and support.
  5. The evaluation, a team summary and a family meeting are held during a single session and generally require 3-4 hours. The team provides a brief written summary on the day of the evaluation.
  6. In approximately 2 weeks, the family and referring physician receive a complete report.

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