Will's Place

Will's Place

Will’s Place, developed by Ozark Center and Freeman Health System in conjunction with the Missouri Department of Mental Health, provides comprehensive behavioral health services to newborns through age 25.

Will’s Place child and adolescent treatment team includes:

  • 1 licensed advanced practice mental health nurse practitioner
  • 3 child and adolescent psychiatrists
  • 10 licensed mental health professionals
  • 3 licensed practical nurses
  • 32 community support specialists
  • Administrative and supervisory staff

In addition to our varied and exceptional treatment staff, we also offer a ​variety of treatment programs along a continuum of care for children and adolescents who have experienced trauma. All services, developmentally- and age-appropriate, are responsive to the child’s needs. Our therapists address a wide variety of concerns that children and families may encounter, including:

  • Difficulties staying on task or being attentive
  • Developmental delays, including toilet training, speech or language
  • Difficulties with emotional, behavioral, family, or
  • community functioning
  • Past or current trauma, including physical, sexual, emotional, natural disaster, neglect, loss of a loved one or other trauma
  • Substance use
  • Impacts of divorce, separation or conflict in the home
  • Anxiety or social withdrawal
  • Challenges in social settings and peer relationships
  • Depression, mood swings or episodes of sadness
  • Self-destructive behaviors
  • Aggressive behaviors

For more information regarding therapy, please read our frequently asked questions for parents.

Our services include:

  • Psychiatric services
    • Evaluation
    • Crisis intervention
    • Medication administration
    • Consultation
  • Outpatient therapy for children and families
    • Assessment
    • Trauma-focused care
    • Individual therapy
    • Family therapy
    • Group therapy
  • Case management
    • Ensures continuity of care
    • Matches individual and family needs
    • Helps overcome obstacles to services
    • Ensures service responsiveness

Our services are covered under Missouri Medicaid, insurance, private pay, or Missouri Department of Mental Health funding.

Will's Place

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