Something on your mind?

Get free help from Ozark Center counselors without saying who you are through our TxtAboutIt texting program. Our counselors are on call 24 hours a day to communicate with you by text or computer confidentially and conveniently.

We can help with issues such as:

  •    Problems related to aftermath of the May 22, 2011, tornado
  •    Alcohol or substance abuse
  •    Involved in harmful marriage/relationship
  •    Lonely or depressed
  •    Suicidal thoughts
  •    School bullying
  •    Problems at school, work, or home that interfere with daily living

How it works

  •    Send a text message to a secure phone number
  •    A designated counselor receives the text anonymously
  •    An anonymous two-way texting counseling session takes place

Ready to get started?

To begin, text REGISTER to 720-7-TXTOZK

Funding for this project was provided in part by Missouri Foundation for Health and Joplin Tornado FirstResponse Fund.